winds-day {still + life}


You guys probably heard about or experienced that big storm that traveled across the country during Thanksgiving week. I'll have more to say about it because it really colored our experience during our trip, but the bulk of the storm hit the island the day before Thanksgiving. We took some time that afternoon to travel to a couple beaches and check out the wind.

At Cisco Beach, on the southern end of the island, we hopped out and faced the strongest winds of the day. Once out of the car, everyone jumped down a small bluff to the shoreline. The kids stayed up top for a bit, playing in the wind. It truly was one of those that you could lean your whole body into and be held up. Vibrant and alive, a joy to experience.

I took a quick video, and while the quality is meh, it gives you a sense of what things were like that day.

How's that for some crazy wind?