five things, november 8


1. I think this week has kicked me in the butt. Dang. It's rare for me to have almost a whole week away from my desk, but that's mostly how things turned out here. Evenings out too. Can't. Function. There are papers and laundry and wrappers from Halloween candy strewn from stem to stern. I feel like I haven't seen any of you guys and I miss you. Oh yeah, I miss my family too! Them.

2. I think , once again, I was reminded of how much I love participating in the political process. I was at the polls all day Tuesday, and we went to a local victory party Tuesday night. Our friend Evans won his city race handily, despite continued shady shenanigans by his opponent, and hopefully he can close the door on that part of the process and look forward to the fun part...his new job! Oh, and relaxing with his family! I will tell you this. Virginians are election weary. We vote all the damn time. And we're not done! Not in my town at least. The state senator from our district was elected Lt. Governor (woot!), so we have to replace him, and the nominating primary is next Saturday. After that, a special election before Christmas. And then we get to vote for mayor in May. See what I mean? Never ends.

3. I think Erin will be disappointed with my submission for my photo group's latest scavenger. I had egg. Next up is corner. We all have the same prompt. Any thoughts?

4. I think I can't believe our little bird Kate has flown the coop! It feels like she just got here! It was such a delightful experience to have her here (even though, towards the end she was working so hard that we never saw her), and we're so grateful for her hard work for our state. WOW. Our little state. No matter what your principles are, you have to admire that dedication. Plus, she loves shopping. But, heaves sigh, I guess now Neel and Cal can go back to wandering around in their underwear, which, let's face it, they really didn't leave off much anyway.

5. I think all your sweet comments about Cal's game meant the world to me. Ha! I should have put a disclaimer up that it may be incomprehensible to some. I almost didn't write it, knowing that many of you wouldn't get it, but ultimately this space is first and foremost a gift for my family. That day had to be recorded, and I thank you for your patience with me but also for cheering him on.