foggy morning {life}

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When Callum was very young he went to a really hippie dippie school, and every time things got funky people would whisper stuff like, "Mercury's in retrograde."

Well. You can't stop hearing that phrase once you've heard it once, and as I gather, Mercury's now out of retrograde. Trouble is, I'm not sure I am. So many of us have been writing about having tricky Novembers or being in weird funks of alternating manic productivity and dolorous lethargy. I feel like I'm caught in an uncomfortable middle.

I am involved in some really fun creative projects right now, but should there be more? (My friend Candy would say, "Leap!") And if so, what? I guess I'm better at thinking of things than I am at making them happen. So lately I've been feeling frustrated with myself.

Also, November? What the hell. I am so messed up this month. You saw last week, right? And I never know what day or date it is, which never happens to me. Everything just feels in a midden.

The upshot of all of this is that I'm just going to get through this week and then it's Thanksgiving week, and all's good right? And then December, and everybody knows you shouldn't try to get your shit together in December. Maybe I should just accept that I'll tread water until the New Year. In the meantime, I think some thoughts on authenticity (I do have more to say about that), and keep taking pictures.

This past Sunday the fog horns were blowing and instead of lolling about lazily (coffee finally in hand!) the way we usually do, Neel came with me to the water to get some photos. We took a long walk after that and watched the gray burn off the river from all our different vantage points. So many moods the water has. I love that.