five things, october 18


1. I think it's good to keep pushing myself to get into the studio. I mentioned this in my #foliophoto instagram project that I've been in a bit of a food photography funk lately, so I promised myself that if I saw something pretty at the market, I'd buy it with the sole intent to bring it home to photograph. Hence these carrots. Cal has been eating them like crazy too, but I'm not complaining. It's hard to find time and patience to practice the thing I want to be good at (right Rooth?), but lordy, if it matters, I need to feel less guilty about giving it the time and more... I don't know, selfish?

2. I think I am truly baffled. What is up with all the mayonnaise haters?

3. I think it's funny and not at all surprising that we went to see Captain Philips and Cal went back again with Neel on Wednesday (no homework) night. It's pretty good. We feel attached around here because the Maersk Alabama (the ship that was attacked by pirates) was out of Norfolk, and a chunk of the movie was filmed here. Even knowing that everything ends well, it's intense. But good. Go see it.

4. I think one of the nicest things to happen to Cal this week was the discovery that a friend of his from way, way back (and we're talking kindergarten-first grade way back) who he hasn't seen in years (she moved away a while back) has been using HIS name in a serial story she's writing for her school newspaper. How completely awesomesauce is that?

5. I think  the weekend will be full, but fall-like, and sometimes that's all you need.