five things, january 4 edition


1. I think it's with both excitement and trepidation that I'm embarking on this freaking 365 project. Yippie? No. I'm excited. And terrified. Nearly everyone I've been in touch with who has started, attempted, completed one talks about how much it improved their eye and their photography. Erin's doing it, and Sue too, I think, yes? Christine is thinking about it, aren't you Christine? Oh, and Megan @ WishfulThinking (also known as the blog I adore but my computer hates since it'll never let me comment there). Maybe we should do a round up or something? The best part is that you can start anytime (in fact, I've heard it's smart to start in December so you're done at the start of the last of the year, but whatevs), so worry not if you haven't dipped your toe in yet. ClickItUpANotch has a great article with tips for keeping you going, and Erin wrote about hers just this week. My friend Kim, who has an amazing blog herself, is almost done. For me, I have some ideas for getting through the year, and for now my photos can be found the 365Project. Kim suggested it to me, and it seems to be the best way to catalog it as I make some changes over here. Please don't feel the need to go and follow something else for crying out loud, but I'll probably add a link to the weeks photos every Friday. Or every Monday. Maybe one of my 13 for 13 should have been to be more decisive.

2. I think I have a love/hate relationship with the end of vacation and going back to school. I hate it that vacation is over, but it does feel good to get back in our routines. Callum did great on his exams. Super great, actually. Great enough to earn a reward dinner at his favorite wing joint tonight. Nicely done, kid. And we'll continue to settle into our routine this weekend. That's good. I like that. Is it totally dorky to be looking forward to a weekend of settling in after two weeks off? Dorky I am, I guess.

3. I think, speaking of my friend Kim, you should go check out her blog and encourage her to get back to it! Busy, schmizy. Whatever. Kim is in my photography group and we've taken a class together. I think she's an amazing photographer, the kind I wish I could be. We're talking about trying to get together more and push each other a little bit (Hello 365, I'm looking at you.) We all need someone, near and far, who can push us creatively, don't we? I'm looking forward to nurturing those creative relationships in the coming year.

4. I think I really need to figure out some better during-the-day food options. What are your go-to breakfasts and lunches? I'm not good at taking time to make and eat those meals at all, and I want better, healtier and tastier options. Help.

5. I think I really, really, really, really want some snow this winter. Really. What do you want this winter? Peace on earth? A tasty lunch? Wanting a nice weekend for all of you and to see you back here next week. Cheers, dears.