five things, January 11 Edition

Sunrise 1_10.jpg

Thursday's Sunrise

1. I think getting Callum a phone was so worth it for stuff like this:

Cal: (1:38 PM) Hi

Me: (1:38 PM) Hi!


Cal: (1:43 PM) Gtg (got to go)

2. I think that if anyone is ever trying to tell you that they "call it like they see it" and that they consider that their personal credo, well, that's bullshit. I think that crap is just an excuse for being mean.

3. I think that I have been buffeted by sadness all week. Friends who are just struggling to put one foot in front of the other each and every day. Hard stuff, people. Deep pits that feel like you can't crawl out of. Not my stories to tell, but hard, hard stuff. A lot of hurt out there. That's why I'm happier than usual to tell you that Tequila Bill and his wife had their second baby on Tuesday. A new little boy in the world and on the 'hood. Those are good things. That helps. Plus, shopping is hope for the future.

4. I think that there's little that makes me happier than hearing my son having fun doing his math homework. Yeah. You read that right. Also, I did not get a lot of support from my family when I suggested that our city council could benefit from my presence, but that could have been because I (accidentally) nearly poisoned Neel with a "detox" smoothie this week. Sure, it's detox if your throat closes up, right? RIGHT? I kid! I kid! About all of it. Promise.

5. I think I've had such wonderful feedback and reinforcement about my work this week. Really. I can't begin to tell you what your words mean to me. You know how when you start to do something and it just feels right? Well, this feels right. I've been taking baby steps along this path, always hesitating to reach with both hands for what I wanted, but really? If I'm honest with myself, I know what I want. It's the figuring out how to get there that's trickier. I think it's time that I sit down with my partner (hi Neel!) and get serious about some stuff. Invest in some gear, invest in some business stuff (stationery! stickers!), and continue to invest in education. I have some personal goals for the year, but it's time for some business goals too. This is good and exciting stuff for me, and I can't thank you all enough for coming along for the ride. I wouldn't be here without you.