racer man {life}

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I love the sweep of color as the racers from all the different schools lined up.

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I guess I wasn't expecting such a spectacularly beautiful morning. Callum wanted to ride the bus with his team, so we dropped him at school at 6:45 (gulp!), grabbed our own coffee and followed them the 45 minutes to the meet. Callum's race was first, at 8:30, so the sun was low in the sky and the shadows were long.

I love those shots of all the boys lined up, ready to sprint from the starting line. You can't see Cal there, but we were able to pick him out. He looked so little compared to these much bigger kids. And the trick about Williamsburg, where they went to run, is that it's pretty hilly. We don't have those here. Not by any stretch. People training for big out of town races where there will be hills run parking garages at dawn to get that kind of training in. That big one that they're running up? They had to do it three times.

He did it though, and he persevered. Saving enough for a smile for his mom along the way.