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They called as we were on our way to Pennsylvania a few weekends ago, the gals from Selma's, to see if we were free for the wine festival. Hmmmm....let me think about that for about half a second, yes.

The Neptune Wine Festival is far more intimate than most that take place around these parts. A smaller footprint along the Atlantic Ocean with a limited number of tickets available. This was the second year that Selma's attended, and they graciously included me and Neel with seats around the table. They'd learned a few things from last year too. Like, bring food. So we brought food. Crackers and pimento cheese. Figs and grapes and wasabi-infused gouda. Hello.

There was live music and wine aplenty to try. I skipped out on the habanero-infused wine, that was the one you had to try with cheese wiz (I kid you not), but everyone else did. You got a sticker if you made it through. Some of us were understandably skeptical.

The longer the afternoon lingered, the more people got up to dance. Some did not bear taking photos of, and at one point Neel remarked, "We're surrounded by gypsies!" It was after she tried her first fig but before she chatted with the gentleman in the hat (he owns four hotels, a yacht and has no bills, apparently) that April asked, "Where's my wine, bitches?!"

They were so proud that we "hung with them to the end," but with such wonderful comapny and so much fun to be had, who wouldn't? I always knew these women knew how to have a good time, and I was glad to show Neel just how much. I was honestly touched that they wanted us, and had such a lovely, lovely time. It was easy like Sunday afternoon.