five things, september 14th edition


1. I think I love blogging. Meeting Theresa and Teri when we were in California. Meeing Erin this weekend (And I can't believe I forgot to link to her in Wednesday's post! Sorry Ducks!). As we sat at lunch at Parc, she looked around at us all and said simply, "Blogging." If it weren't for blogging, this amazing world of new friends would never have opened up to me. And then, earlier this week, we came home to this (pictured above). Tina, at colourliving saw on Instagram that Callum liked some patches she'd posted a photo of and she touched base with me to offer to surprise him with some. When I told her that his birthday was coming up, she went to great lengths (literally!) to spirit some goodies to him. The extent of the goodies surprised and delighted even me, and I knew they were coming! Callum loved the London patches, but he especially loved the personal touches that Tina put in the gift. London stickers, a personalized card. One more delight after another unfolded, and Tina, we can't thank you enough!

2. I think sometimes I hate blogging. Yeah, I said it. I'm not hating my own blogging necessarily, but just wondering if all of your amazing blogs are setting me up for the cycle of dissatisfaction I've been trapped in lately. Hmmm. We've had those conversations about keeping it real and telling the whole story, and I'm not sure that's exactly what I'm talking about. I'm not sure we're required to tell the whole story. Face it, some things are private. Not meant for public consumption. But everywhere I read, people are doing big and bold things with there lives, and here I sit, feeling stuck.

3. I think instead of blaming blogging, I should probably just blame myself! I've been in a funk lately, no lie. And it's funny, because I've talked with so many friends who feel the same way. Just three this week. So what's up with that? September should be better than this! I had a wonderful chat with my friend Megan yesterday and she was 100 kinds of supportive and inspirational. She inspired me to keep on keepin' on (if I could only be a better self-promoter!) and made me want to include some house tours on the blog (But I'd have to travel to Nantucket! Oh well!) and just generally lovingly tried to push me out of my comfort zone. I think it's time I started paying better attention to things around here.

4. Speaking of Megan and her sage advice....I think I'm hoping my new Erin Condren planner will whip my butt into shape. I did it. I totally splurged and got one. It came yesterday, so I'll have to spend some time getting adjusted to it. I'll pop a picture of it on Monday Mash Up because, if I do say so myself, it's beautiful.

5. I think I've missed you guys lately. I know I've been AWOL. This time of year is hell at our house. That's no lie either. Start of school, birthdays, back to school nights, busy husbands, busy kids, new schedules and routines. Add to that my general feeling blue, and there you are. I had lunch with Neel this week and just started crying at the table. That almost always happens at some point in August or September. I had a rough project on my plate this week that I'd been putting off and it was weighing me down too. I can dust my hands of it a bit, and focus on the fun stuff. Like commenting on your blogs and responding to your comments here. I simply haven't had the time to do that and I've missed you. Every single one of you means the world to me. And when I do get down? Well, you lift me up. Each of you. xo