monday mash up, august 6

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1. Seventh grade schedule | 2. Cucumber Mint Water | 3. Menu @ the Public House | 4. Fried Pickles | 5. Cal and Ama | 6. Back to the ocean | 7, 8, 9. We made my mom make pie | 10. Clarisonic | 11. All Olympics, all the time | 12. Pimms & Ginger with Lime | 13. New kicks | 14. Pizza night | 15. Who wouldn't want free hugs?

Well, after a great weekend, we just saw my mom off. It's pretty depressing to end such a fun visit on a Monday, I have to say. We had a good time. Just the kind of relaxing we needed after all the traveling we've been doing lately. My mom got in on Thursday and on Friday we hosted a small party for Neel's lab. He's had a student working with him for the past year who's headed back to his home university in Sweden, so the impetus of the gathering was a going-away party for Medhi. We grilled out and had three kinds of salads (I always figure that's the easiest way to go for hot weather parties.), and of course I made our lemon berry trifle. Since I tend to have just one cocktail a night, I'm paying particular attention to having refreshing non-alcoholic drinks on hand. The sangria we had at the dinner party we attended a few weeks ago fit the bill perfectly, and for this gathering I made some cucumber-mint water as an option for those who didn't want beer or wine and didn't find the idea of soda appealing either. It was so refreshing. May have to have it on hand all the time. Neel gave a funny and sweet and touching toast, and it was so nice to see him like this. With all the people who work for him. After all the years we went to lab parties, here we are, having our own.

Saturday we headed straight for the beach. It's unusual to have my mom visit us twice in such rapid succession (If you remember, she was just here in June for Cal's Lower School graduation.), but every time we went to the beach, I pictured her there, and I knew we needed to try to get in one summer visit with Ama. It was an unusual day. Windy with choppy waves and a strong current. Neel and Callumboggie boarded for quite awhile and had what has turned into our usual dolpin encounter. Mom and I were sitting on the shore when we saw the dolphins swim in so close, close enough that one splashed Neel! He says they were less than six feet away. We feel awesomely lucky about that.

We watched the Olympics almost constantly. It's been wonderful. I've loved every single minute of it. Did anyone see the men's 10,000 meter race? That was one of the most thrilling things I've watched. And I've long been a Federer fan, but we were pulling so hard for Andy Murry to win in tennis. So excited for Team GB to be hosting such wonderful games.

And of course we chained my mom to the kitchen. Of course. She made a peach pie (amazing). Wasn't thrilled with the crust, so she thought she might make another. She didn't. There's no end to the grief we've given her about that. We did let her take us shopping though where she got Callum some new kicks for school (he loves them!), and she treated me to a Clarisonic. It's charging in my sink right now (Ha ha ha! Not really, Erin.), but I'll let you know what I think of it.

All of your thoughful comments and treat suggestions on Friday's post meant the world to me. Parenting is hard work, no doubt, and for the most part I think Neel and I do a good job. And self-assessment is important too because this landscape changes constantly. We've been in some situations recently that have reinforced some of what we already know. And what I know is that love is not always enough. It's a great start and the most and the best, but kids need more. When love is shown through some of the things I mentioned last week, like structure and boundaries, then you're on the right path, I think. Even when that path throws you a curve time and again. And speaking of curves, how is it possible that my child is about to be in seventh grade?

I'm weighing my treat options. A tip from WWGD had me researching this brand for hours yesterday. Does anyone have any experience? What's not to love, right? May have to check it out. And a cookbook, that's more a treat for the whole family, right? Right?? We'll see.

It was a funny little weekend. Lots of global highs and lows. The death of Andy Reid's son was tragic and heartbreaking. Pretty much every parent's worst nightmare. And the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin is not only horrific but simply dumbfounding to me. How can we continue, as a society, to do this to our fellow humans? I'm bereft and baffled. And in the midst of all that sadness, such joy. The South African double amputee competing in his first Olympics. And did you hear? We landed on Mars. How absolutely freaking awesome is that? We went to bed before the Curiosity landed, and when I woke up this morning, it was first on my mind.

It's promising to be somewhat gloomy over the next few days, and I'm down with that. We need to really settle back in. We're slow to get started today. We're all up on Callum's bed. The dogs are snoring and he's reading and I'm writing this post. But it's time to get at it. Make some lists, write some posts, take some photos. Head to the grocery store. Finish the laundry. I have a project or two I'm thinking about and some cooking I'd like to do. And how are you, my dears? I'm looking forward to getting back into my rhythm because I've missed you! xo