monday mash up, august 13

Monday Mash Up 8_13 copy.jpg

1. Cake | 2. Harvest | 3. Kitchen Helper | 4. Hitting Lesson | 5. Bounty | 6. Last of the Summer Reading | 7. Figs | 8. Funky Lime Soda | 9. Hit and Pitch with Alfie | 10. World Market | 11. Alfie and Cal | 12. Norfolk Chop House | 13. A Wine named for my Dad | 14. Roasty Potatoes | 15. Sneak Peek

People. I made a cake. Red Freaking Velvet. This is such a huge deal, I still can't believe it. I'll tell you all about it on Wednesday, if there's enough left to photograph and there probably will be since Neel didn't have any for dessert Sunday night. I am so not a baker, but my dad came into town on Friday and for some reason whenever he comes I want to bake. When my mom comes, I want her to bake. That's different. We almost didn't do it, but Cal loves Red Velvet Cake so we went for it. More later.

So Alfie is here. Did you know he likes to shop? We did our usual "First-Night-of-a-Visit" dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and then on Saturday morning he and I hit the mall. I may or may not have purchased some Mario Badescu at Nordstroms. Oh, who am I kidding. Of course I did! Also, I like aviator sunglasses on me more than I thought I would but I didn't get any. We have to go back. Callum had a hitting lesson Saturday afternoon that Alfie and I sat in on, and apparently Cal needs a new bat. Next stop, Dick's Sporting Goods. Did I mention that Alfie likes to shop?

Poor Neel has a chapter due that he's primary author on and he's been working all weekend, but he snuck away long enough to come to dinner with us at the Norfolk Chop House. This was a new-to-us restaurant and a newish to Norfolk one. We had a lovely time. Going out to dinner is one of the things our family does best.

We made our growing-famous Beer Butt Chicken for dinner last night, but not before Alfie and I braved miserable traffic and worse music on satellite radio for a quick and futile trip to World Market. Shopping is another thing we do pretty well too. We've been watching a lot of Olympics, and Alfie brought Callum an Olympics game for the Xbox which is awesome. They're breaking all sorts of world records. Oh, and we kept it simple with the potatoes. Olive oil, salt and a little balsamic vinegar. Homegrown potatoes are creamier somehow than store bought. They were heavenly. 

Alfie is here for a couple more days, one more than I thought actually, so we're going to have some fun. Hit the beach, make an emergency orthodontist run (snapped wire), a Project Runway marathon, and all manner of more food and drink. What did you guys get up to this weekend? And what's on tap for the week? Oh, and that Number 15 there? Go visit Theresa at InspirationCOOPERATIVE, I got to spend my Monday with her. Talk about an honor! I'm flattered beyond belief.