monday mash up, week end wrap up

monday mash up atlanta version.jpg

We're home! I missed you guys!

We hopped down to Atlanta this weekend to visit Neel's family. His parents, his aunt and uncle, brother and sister-in-law and little nephew all live there now. Sometimes we fly and sometimes we drive, but the trips have a usual rhythm to them. We have friends to visit. Friends of mine from high school, who we usually meet at their pool. Friends of Neel's (and mine) from college. We had a lovely cookout with them.

Neel's aunt and uncle just moved to Atlanta, so we saw their gorgeous new condo (right across the hall from Neel's parents!). We played a lot with Cal's four-year-old cousin who was home while his school was on a three week break. We hit some pools and watched the dogs hit the pools too! And of course the trip revolved around food. On our last day Neel's dad took us to the Decatur Farmer's Market, and I nearly wept when I saw then "No Cameras/No Photography" signs when we walked in the door.

The two highlights of the trip, I hand to my boy. On Friday night, we recorded the opening ceremonies (I don't think my in-laws would have seen any of the olympics if it hadn't been for us!) and headed off to Atlanta's Turner Field to see Callum's beloved Phillies. Of course I'll have a blog post about this, but despite the loss we had a wonderful time. Just seeing Cal's excitement made my heart full. On Sunday, Cal's grandparents surprised him with a ride in a replica bi-plane as a Lower School graduation present. Yeah, there'll be a post about that coming too. It was pretty special.

Families are complicated, as you well know, and not all vacations are relaxing. We're worn out here but so happy to be home in our own space and back with our beloved pups. My mom comes tomorrow (can you believe it?), and on Friday we're having a small going-away party for a student in Neel's lab who is headed back to Sweden after studying here for a year. There's a lot to do. Like laundry. And grocery shopping. Oh, but I've missed you all. I've missed your blogs and your comments and hearing what's been going on. I likely won't be here tomorrow, but I'll be back on Friday with Five Things, and back again on Monday full force. Mwwwah. Love you all. What's been going on?