monday mash up, july 9

Monday Mash Up July 9.jpg

Well, I can't say a thing before wishing the happiest of birthdays to MY DAD! I could do a whole long post about what this guy means to be, and maybe I will someday. Still, he generally doesn't want too much attention drawn to himself, so that might be the last thing he'd want to read today. He'd probably love it if you wished him happy birthday, though. In his honor we went to a birthday party for our favorite two year old. She did not have the cigar and vodka with a twist that my dad might have preferred, but we'll celebrate when he's up here next. Still, there were ponies! It was hot!

People, it was so hot here this weekend. At one point I was standing in the shade, chatting with someone at our friend Margaret's party, and I was so hot I felt a chill move up my legs. And I get dewey sweaty when I'm hot, so it wasn't really my finest moment. I'm so pretty! Callum, who does not seem to mind the heat, spent a lot of time locked in ping pong championships with his neighborhood mates. This I can not understand when the temps are topping out over 100, but I'm glad he's playing outside (and drinking lots of water).

We went for sushi on Saturday (my choice), and Cal had his first roll after stealing pieces of ours for years. He's getting the hang of the chopsticks thing too. Beyond that, it was too hard to do much else. We watched bits and pieces of movies (Napoleon Dynamite, Harry Potter the Number Whatever, and Neel kept trying to sneak old James Bonds past me) because it was too hot to stir. We've decided it's finally time to get cracking on our bathroooms. Both our master and guest baths need serious help (You likely know what I mean, yes, Mark?). I know all you design oriented people can do mood boards, and such, but honestly? I've spent a hot and happy weekend, pinning bathroom ideas. I'm not sure I could pull off a mood board if, well, it hit me in the face. Theresa, will you please come over? Our guest bath will need the least work, but the master needs a major overhaul. Currently we only have a (horrible) shower in there, and I'd been pushing hard for a tub and shower. Neel has me about convinced that a really, really nice shower will do, though. What do you think?

Breakfast at Wimbledon on Sunday. It's been a tradition since I was a kid. We're Federer folk over here, but I was so pulling for Andy Murray. Not Callum. He was thrilled with the outcome. Love both those guys though. And beer butt chicken again on Sunday. Cooked out with our neighbors, and the chicken was even better this time around. Neel based his rub off this one (we cut down the chili powder and added brown sugar), and worked out the kinks in the cooking time. Thea (the Corgi) loves to grill with Neel. She saw him lift a bag of charcoal to take outside, and she bolted for the door! (Of course when she's not grilling, she can be found under the hydrangeas. Have I mentioned that it's hot?) We grilled some zucchini and squash and had an impromptu gather around the table. Aren't those the best? Everybody brought something, and the wine flowed as freely as the conversation. Nice night.

So we have storms and cooler temps headed our way this week. What are you guys up to? Oddly, this feels like the first real week of summer. We have things to do, but nothing specific scheduled for the agenda. I'm trying not to freak out.