taking a breath {still + life}


Well, I didn't jump from the Manhattan Beach Pier. But there's loads of laundry, and the groceries to do, and bills to pay, and a birthday present to pick up, and photos to edit. Neel made an amazing Beer Butt Chicken (especially for his first attempt) yesterday, which we had with Julia Child's American Style Potato Salad (the only potato salad I ever make) and a family favorite pie called Blueberry Delight. But I kind of can't believe I did all that and went for a dip in the Bay on our first day back. I'm W O R N  + O U T. So, I thought I'd come back tomorrow with Five Things and be here again full force on Monday with a recap of the trip. We had a wonderful time. Mark's right, we almost didn't come back and all talk now is how to get there again.