dinner with friends {life}

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We had dinner with a small group of friends from Neel's work on Saturday night. I love it when work friends become more than that. When the talk about work just... isn't. We've known these folks forever, some since we moved here (so, forever), and one was the young man who was Cal's babysitter throughout his own high school years. Matthew is home from college for the summer, and it's such a delight to spend time with him. He's been to one of Cal's baseball games and has offered to golf or throw the ball with our boy. What hope it gives you to see a boy you knew and liked grow into a fine young man.

Julie, a colleague of Neel's who hails from Australia, made an amazing dinner. She wouldn't let us bring anything but some wine. We started with cheese and tapenade and marinated olives and mushrooms all served with a non alcoholic sangria (so the younger set didn't feel left out) that was absolutely delightful. Dinner began with gazpacho, a mix between white and red, and moved on to marinated grilled vegetables, a spinach salad with dates and prosciutto and lamb stuffed with chorizo sausage. Every mouthful was a dream. Is it any wonder that I tapped her for any interest in a supper club? And for dessert? Make your own sundaes with homemade chocolate and raspberry sauces. Heaven.

Better yet was the company. The rain lashed the windows which were brightened by the occasional burst of lightning. The music played long and low. The conversation wound around and around. From sport to food to school to childhood.

It was just what a dinner party should be. Bring on more.