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This past spring I had the dream job of shooting some food for my dear friend and amazing chef Catherine Gettier of Catherine's Catering. After years of working in restaurants, Catherine is following her heart and has just opened her own catering business.


macarons with raspberry sauce

We decided that since I've been taking some pictures of food and she was trying to launch a web presence, not to mention a business, we'd work together to start to build a portfolio of photos she could use. But let me tell you, making the leap to catering was a brilliant move on her part; the woman is busy. It took us forever to get together to take some photos, and even then we didn't get everything done that we wanted to. It's a process, people.


spring rolls

But this post is not about that process of shooting these photos and building a portfolio for her website. It's about Catherine and her amazing food.

spring rolls.jpg

spring rolls

We met years ago. Our kids were in school together for a bit, and Catherine did all the catering for our school functions. Can I say that no one can steam asparagus like this woman? Seriously.


fruit platter

She's a French-trained chef, and all that skill shows not just in how amazing her food tastes, but in the style she brings to everything she does.


sweet potato biscuits with ham

I've had her food at intimate receptions, weddings, cooking classes and large gatherings, and it never fails to please. Oh, the cooking classes were so much fun!

salmon biscuits.jpg

salmon biscuits with dill

We had so much fun while she was here for the photos. Catching up on our kids and our lives. It was an effortless few hours of shooting beautiful food.


I was thrilled for the opportunity to help her start to pull together some images for her website, and I can't wait for us to do more.






Her food is a work of art. Who wouldn't want to spend time with it?

Locals? Interested in a phenomenal caterer, who also happens to be a delight to work with? All the details about Catherine's Catering, along with some of my photos, can be found here.