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Oh wow. All of your comments on our poor bathrooms had us laughing all day yesterday. They are sad, aren't they. Especially that master. You know, they one I use EVERY DAY. Gah. A couple more points. We like the blue tile on the floor of the guest bath too, but in case you didn't see in the comments, it really needs to go. It was improperly installed around the vanity and the radiator (which also needs to go), and, let's just say the floor isn't completely level. We love the subway tile in there too, and if I could match it, I'd just keep it. When we moved in there we're ugly frosted shower doors that we ditched in favor of a white waffle weave curtain. The problem is that we have some rough patches where the old doors attached to the wall. So, new tile all around is likely. We'll go with subway there.

And yes, Erin. That is my hair dryer in the sink. Plugged in. That's my "storage sink." Don't you have one of those? We really truly only use one of our sinks. If someone were to turn the water on in that sink it would likely sputter a bit before coming out of the faucet. Still, we know we need two sinks up there for resale value, so two sinks will go back in. I've seen vanities that have one big sink with two faucets and then a long counter alongside, but that sounds like a custom job to me, and we're going to do all of this on the pre-fab and cheap. And Sam's right. The master is dark. We have one small window that is covered by a shade for privacy, but I'm leaning to that wavy glass or frosting it so we can have the light. Also, my friend Stephanie (and others!) recommended the radiant heat, so I'm putting it firmly back on the table. So that's that. Any other questions I can answer? Anyone else want to do a mood board for me? I love those things, but I'm not good at them AT ALL. I'll sit back and await your genius!

Anyhoo....I mentioned last week that we wanted to try a new Farmer's Market, so Saturday we braved the muggy heat and headed to East Beach to check it out. I think I'll do a post sometime about this neighborhood because I absolutely lurve it, but honestly it was too hot on Saturday to do much more than grab our produce and dash! I took some pictures of a few of the houses, but to do it justice I really need to spend some time on a real walkaround.

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The Farmer's Market at East Beach is small, on a lawn that is surrounded by homes, but there was plenty of bounty to choose from. I long for rows and rows of bushel baskets bursting with a bounty of produce, and while those markets do exist here they are a drive from us. You have to weigh it, I guess. The carbon offset of driving a distance for locally grown produce.

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Still, I don't know. It might be worth it for a freshly picked tomato!

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We came home with the blackberries and those cool purple beans. Some squash and "the best peaches" Cal has "ever tasted." When I claimed they tasted like sunshine, I was teased mercilessly, but they did.

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We'll go back. More sunshine, STAT.