first beach day {life}


There's always a bit of a learning curve when we first start heading back to the beach each season.


Our minds know what we need, but our winter-sluggish bodies take some time to pull things together. Pack the bag (always with twizzlers for the ride home). Pack the cooler. Find the noodles and the boogie board. Figuring out where to park.

boys walking.jpg

Towles. Chair. Frisbee. Cold water. Snacks. Boogie boards. All set.


The day we went was one of the hottest of the year so far. Even early the sand was nearly too hot to stand on. You had to decide between walking fast to get to the water (or worse, to get back to the car at the end of the day) or going slowly so it didn't kick up over your flip flops.


Once you get there, it's all worth it though.


When Cal and I go alone, I swim a lot with him, or we play paddle ball or throw a frisbee. When he comes with a friend, I bring a book or the latest issue of Vogue.


We get daily reminders that we live in a military town.


They fly low. The guy in this one waved at Cal.


We see dolphins nearly every time we visit the oceanfront. At the end of the summer, Callum and I have a tradition of taking a ride on this boat, which takes dolphin watching trips up and down our coast line.


These cabanas, which are owned by families and have electricity and running water, are passed down through the generations. They're popular for parties, and they remind me of Teri's blog! Wouldn't you love to have one?

beach day.jpg

We're back here today, you know. I think it's going to be a great summer.