five things may 4th edition

early hydrangea.jpg

1. I think I missed you guys! No time to blog, no time to check blogs. No time to even read my comments. My friend Mark even had to call and check on me! I'm fine. We're fine. But me no likey.

2. I think Callum and I managed really well with Neel gone, actually. He left at 4 a.m. last Friday and got home around 1 a.m. Thursday morning. We're not apart much as a family, and it's been awhile since Neel's been gone, especially for this long. We survived with few mishaps; only a cracked iPod (devastating), but two big baseball wins helped. We were busy, which also helped, and now Papa is home and everything can get back to normal. I'm tired.

3. I think I have some shopping to do. ! And some planning. Callum's lower school graduation is coming up and all of his grandparents will be here to help celebrate. I'm thrilled for him that all of his family will be here to help celebrate. There is much to anticipate and much to look forward to. But. What am I going to wear, and what am I going to fix to eat?

4. I think Neel and I will have to sit down and have a major pow-wow about everything that needs to be done around here before family descends on us in the next few weeks. You can expect that list soon.

5. I think I love early hydrangea time. Hoping they're in full force in another few weeks. And how are you? What have you guys been up to all week? Has the weather been nice out there? Did I tell you that Neel told me his trip was just like being on vacation! I might need to dump a cup of coffee on his head! xoxoxox