in the bag {life}


I am not, for the life of me, certain of what compelled me to decide I needed to do a blog post about my make-up bag, but there you are. I am certainly no expert.


First, take note of the gorgeous bag made by Tori at One Eleven Studio. Now. I count two women among my make-up inspiration (although, I've had lots of tips, advice and general help from the blogosphere of late). My friend Marianne, who always looks pulled together and glamorous, and my friend Debbie, who, well pretty much looks the same. Glam-o-rama. I fell back in love with make up while she was living nearby, but now that she's moved away, I'm not nearly as adventerous as she inspired me to be. Back to the neutrals I go!


Anyhoo, now that spring is here, my carry-around needed an overhaul. Dark browns and reds needed to be replaced (and, given that my Rosebud Salve met with an unfortunate incident in Charleston, it needed to be replaced too), so I was on the hunt for some lighter colors. It's spring, so it's time. Here's what we eneded up with: Buxom Lip Cream in Mudslide. Sounds lovely, yes? It's a rosy brown, and what I love about the Buxom products is the tingle they give your lips and that they stay on. Next up, Laura Mercier's StickGloss in Borwn Sugar. My friend Marianne recommended this one to me last winter, and I finally pulled the trigger. It's very neutral. Very. It's my "oh, my lips are dry and I'm just going to be in the carpool line where no one will see me" gloss. Or my "It's 6 p.m. and we have another baseball game" gloss. I am pro-Laura Mercier. Her Truly Red is my favorite dressy bright red. The MAC lipstick is a new favorite too. Viva Glam IV. Theresa from inspirationCOOPERATIVE suggested Viva Glam I me over the winter when we were all looking for that perfect red lipstick, and it's lovely. What I love about the Viva Glam line is that it's not too pricey, so if you hate it, you haven't made a huge committment. And the colors are divine. IV is my go-to color for spring. Between that and the Buxom, when it's a little color I want, I'm set. When I'm aiming neutral, it's Brown Sugar all the way. And of course, you know I need them all, right? And even though I don't carry eyeshadow with me, I thought I'd pop that in there too. I haven't even tried it yet, but I'll let you know what I think. Oh, and the Sugar, by Fresh? A gift with purchase that I made sure to grab. I love their stuff. I use their Advanced Lip Therapy every night, and next on my list is this. Sephora gave me a sample and I'm almost out.


Beacuse I've been asked, the gloss in the first couple photos is also Buxom, and the color is Ruby. We love it, don't we Christy? And the moisturizer that Neel got me for Mother's Day is Nutriganics Night Cream  by the Body Shop. Two nights in, and I'm pretty pleased so far. No smell, and I'm not at all oily when I get up in the morning. My skin feels good. Thumbs up, Neel!

But. What about you? What's in your make-up bag? Not the drawer you open each morning when standing at your bathroom mirror, but the bag that comes along with you to the ballpark and in the car? I have to go to Sephora later this week...anything else out there that I need to know about?