five things, april 27th edition


1. I think we're all a little blue today because Neel has left us. Don't be silly. The man who draws hearts around the word "hoagie" on my grocery list isn't going to leave us, leave us. He has a conference west of here. He snuck out before 4 this morning and he won't be back for days. Cal and I are on our own. But we have plans. Among them: artichokes.

2. I think that I've likely been sick for weeks and weeks. My guess is that I have sinus infection that won't go away. I'll feel okay for a few days, not great, but okay, and then back to moderately crummy. Functional but moderately crummy. I need to shoot over to my doctor and have a consult. I needed to do it this week, but I needed to get my hair done too, and I didn't have time for both.

3. I think I am thrilled beyond measure that Cal wants to hang out with me tonight, order a pizza and watch a Storage Wars marathon in our jammies instead of going to a sleepover. Of course, he's going to a dance tomorrow night. But I'm going to the mall. So ha.

4. I think I'm going to answer some questions from the comments. I'm overdue. Here's the dealio. I'm in the middle of the end of a big work project that is somewhat overwhelming. Things are slipping. I can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I can see the bend around which the light will be shining. Does that make sense? It means I'm near enough to the light that I can feel the whispers of things I want to work on when I can work on things again. I want to make lists. You've asked me some good questions lately, like am I melancholy and did I get red lipstick and how are our dinner parties. Stay tuned next week for the answers.

5. I think one of the most moving things that happened to me on my birthday was when my friend Jean told me that I was her inspiration. Me? Me???? It was a humbling moment. After the slog through the mud I've had this winter, I feel anything but. I need to think about this for awhile, but my wish for the upcoming year? Well, it's to be the kind of person who could be inspiring.