chasing spring {life}


I'd feared, with such a warm winter, that spring would be something of a let down. It hasn't been.


Our front yard is exceptionally beautiful at this time of year. The phlox are coming in, the azaleas are starting to pop and the peonies are pushing their way above the earth. But it's this particular corner that always has us swooning. Scarlet azalea, pink redbud (already turning green), all against the purple of our fence, the green of our steps and the gray of our house. The earth is coming back to life in glorious fashion. Even on this dreary gray day, the vibrance of this pocket of my yard amazes me. However.


Spring's dark side.

pollen steps.jpg

Her evil sister. The pollen that coats every surface. Pretty remarkable, isn't it? If it rains, you can see it pool around the edges of the puddles. This particular pollen is from the pines. Unwelcome visitor.

secret gate.jpg

Totally worth it though.