callum sees city life {life}

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Hi, this is Callum. This picture is taken from a dock along the Ashley and Cooper rivers and the bridge feels like the Gateway to Charleston. I came to Charleston with my camera to take pictures for a geometry project I had for school, but using a camera piqued (vocab word!) my interest in photography and made me want to take pictures like my mom. The bridge has triangles and they were the first of many triangles I saw in the city I named the Triangle City.


The photograph on the left is of our beautiful hotel, the Mills House, and the picture on the right is of one of the many beautiful houses in Charleston.

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This is our lovely but quite skittish horse Jasper who gave us a wonderful carriage tour of Charleston. We saw lots of beautiful Victorian homes and century-old churches. The only sad part about the tour was that my mom dropped a tin of lip balm in the middle of the street. We went back to check on it after the tour, but it was crushed (probably by a horse).

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For lunch one day we went to the restaurant Slightly North of Broad where we had the gift of sitting by the kitchen where we could see the food being made and the fresh produce.

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Because we were on vacation, my mom and dad let me have a wonderful Coke.

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For an appetizer we had mussels, and they were SO SO freaking good. This was a good thing because since I wanted to try something new I ordered chicken livers which I didn't like so much. Then my dad gave me his drum fish which was too tough for me so we all nibbled on my mom's beef carpaccio. The other nice part about this restaurant was that this was the real start of my photography adventures in Charleston. After that I was literally addicted to taking picutres.

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This was the restaurant where we had dinner. I had rockfish. The best part was the duck fat fries. It was a good thing the food was so good because we walked a two thousand nine hundred million miles to get there.

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On our tedious (vocab word!) walk back from Lana, we were pleased by the site of this cool fire station. Here's the engine.

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This is the boat that we took to go to the famous Fort Sumter where the Civil War started.

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This was our first close up of the fort.

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Nearing the end of our visit at Fort Sumter, we were suddenly bombarded! We had to run back onto the boat for shelter.

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On our last morning in Charleston, we finally went to a bakery that I'd seen at the beginning of our trip and had wanted to go to the whole time! This is an image I took of the outside of the bakery.


The picture on the left are the baguettes you saw from the outside picture. On the right you have an image of my delectable (vocab word!) cream cheese bagle that I got for breakfast that morning. As I said before this was our last day and the end of the beginning of my first chapter in photography.