monday mash up, March 26

monday mashup 3_26.jpg

So how was everybody's weekend? We had a pretty nice time around these parts, despite it being gray and drizzly a lot of the time. I actually kinda like that weather, although the coffee was in heavy rotation. It's been creepy warm this winter and spring, as you can see from the thermometer in my car. And all those speckles on that picture? Um, yeah, that's pollen. Happy Spring, everybody! I was a good girl, and had a physical on Friday. I'm providing a picture of my lab results because it's the only thing I do better than Neel. My doctor said I looked like a poster child for someone who was taking cholesterol medication...IF I actually were taking cholesterol medication. Poor Neel, genetics really bit him in the butt on that one, so I had to show off! And check out my carpool reading. I love sitting in the carpool line. They have after-school dismissal running like a machine at Cal's school. With so many kids dismissing at once, they almost have to. I always get there a little early so I can have a few minutes to sit in the car and get a little break. My carpool reading is always light. This Friday, it was an article on migraines in this month's Vogue (U.S. edition). Some interesting (and hopeful) stuff on the horizon, but I'm still intrigued by botox!

Baseball season started, and I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. Baseball will feature heavily in our springtime around here, but I'll try not to overload you. And the picture of the giant foot? That's me. In Callum's shoe. Sniff.

Cal went to see The Hunger Games with a friend on Saturday night, and I'm so glad I don't have to take him. Not interested. Neel and I had a hot date at the grocery store ('cause that's how we roll) and came home and watched Bright Star. Maybe I'm not deep, but I didn't love it. Of course it was cinematically beautiful, of course it was. But we both found it slow to get going (kind of like the love affair itself), and Neel kept hoping it would end in a helluva shoot out. I think he may take Callum to see The Hunger Games next.

Other than that I had a giant pantry clean out (long overdue), and I racked my brain (and my Marth Stewart Livings) trying to remember where I saw the article about the two guys who had the super small condo/apartment/vacation home and had to do some crafty organizing - especially in their fridge, because that's next. All I could remember is that they got their stuff on which I suppose should be enough but I still want to see the article.

Neel just moved the car for me. That makes me so glad I made another jamble. Blackberries this time. I almost held out and didn't dig on the internets for the recipe since several of you offered to come for dinner (yes, please!). But here it is. I found lots of versions, but I liked this one, partly because you can convert it to metric. Although, I have to say, my pan looks much smaller. AND. We never add extra sugar. The fruit should make it sweet enough. If you make it, let me know how it turns out...and how about sending a picture?

And all day, as I thought about took pictures and thought about writing this, I remembered the tweet I saw, pointing to a blog post about good writing and how nobody wanted to read about your weekend!But I also remembered how Annie said she liked following along on Instagram and seeing what the pictures were about. Almost like a scavenger hunt. So maybe I'm not too boring. Still want to go read that post though. And I love hearing what you guys did on the weekends...

Maybe I'm not your average bear. Now go and conquer the week!