spring garden {life}

0312_spring garden1.jpg

Neel's garden is coming to life.

0312_spring garden11.jpg

He's worked hard all winter; I don't think there was a weekend, or even a day that he didn't spend some time out there, toiling in the earth. Planning and planting.

0312_spring garden10.jpg

It's exciting to see the fruits of his labor, quite literally, come to life.

0312_spring garden4.jpg

Sometimes the results are subtle.

0312_spring garden5.jpg

Like here.

0312_spring garden6.jpg

As the Japanese Maple slowly comes to bud.

0312_spring garden2.jpg

And sometimes they're quite vibrant. Like here with this anenome (I'm so glad he's planted more of these!).

0312_spring garden3.jpg

And here, with this spreading carpet of Evening Primrose. We saw a house in Charleston called the Primrose House, and it was painted just that shade of yellow!

0312_spring garden7.jpg

Dandelions are not allowed.

0312_spring garden8.jpg
0312_spring garden9.jpg

If you are in the yard for any time at all, a dog will accompany you.


Everywhere you look, spring is bumping up against winter. It seems more acute this year, since really, we had no winter. The camellias bloom in winter here, brightening our dark days of January and February right into March. The red bud, in bloom down the path, is early, coming into bud as the earth warms up more quickly this season. It's making for a spectacular display of color, no question.


Neel will fill you in on all of his doings at some point (more guest posts!). He has the seeds started in the sun room and all sorts of plans. But the surprises are already starting to pop up. Sweet strawberries on the way.