david's tree {life}


You may remember this tree from last Friday. I took these photos in Pennsylvania, at the suggestion of our friend David.


He told us about a tree that he drove past almost every day whose branches looked as if it was reaching back for the ground.


Standing alone in a field by itself.


On our way back from the tile works, we parked our car along the field and David and I scurried across the street (Neel and Diana wisely stayed in the car!) to snap a few quick shots. I was still shooting in .jpeg and still adjusting to the camera, but I wanted to try to catch the light and shadow and that stunning, towering tree. I love the little glimpse of roofline we catch in some of those photos. I'm sure that pop of blue is something utterly unromantic like a tarp, but how nice if someone painted a panel of roof that beautiful bright shade of sky?


We had great plans to get up the next morning and head out together, each with our cameras, and come back out, but did I mention that it was 14 degrees (F)? Never mind.


These will have to suffice. I played around in Lightroom some, brightening up the blue of the sky (have you ever noticed that when it's super cold or super hot the sky just isn't as blue?) and picking up the blacks to play up the contrast of that gorgeous tree. What do you think? I don't really fancy landscape photography, although I do enjoy looking at it. Still, I think my frame of reference may be skewed. Would David like them? I know you've never met him, but he's a pretty nice guy! Any in particular speak to you that I should print for him as a housewarming for their future home? David, if you read this, feel free to speak up! Oh, and Friday's tree, which was processed separately, is open for discussion too!