monday mash up, february 27

monday mash up 2-27.jpg

I am honestly not at all sure you want to hear about my weekend. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (And if you don't, you should! I'm that fun.), you know that on Friday my temperature started creeping towards the higher numbers. Never as high as Callum's got, but high enough to make me (and thus everyone around me) fairly miserable. Callum took forever to recover. He was still wiped out on Saturday (thank goodness we can do baseball tryouts next weekend), but he's starting to get ravenous again so that's a good sign. Callum and I have each been sick three times since that first time that Neel spread the viral-love. I think that pretty much negates my hypothesis that our rest spared us the brunt of the illness (Neel has yet to get sick again, knock wood.) But let's not tell Neel that shall we? Man can gloat like nobody's business. (Everybody who really knows Neel right now is probably cracking up at that, yes? He's sooooo gloaty.)

All my good food plans have gone, poof! Bye-bye. All my cooking, grocery shopping, make-your-own-stuff-ing, can wait. Not happening this weekend. Instead, poor Neel went to the grocery store twice to pick up pre-made stuff while I main-lined tea with honey. On Sunday morning, I woke know that moment when you're awake but before you really move into awake and open your eyes? So I woke up and lay there for a moment with my eyes closed and made a plan. If it was four, I'd stay in bed and try to go back to sleep. If it was five, I'd get up and cuddle up downstairs on the sofa (permanent imprint of my butt there, by the way). It was 5:17 a.m. So (heaves a heavy sigh), I came down stairs and tucked myself into the corner of the sectional (my favorite spot), turned Sports Center on, and promptly went back to sleep until about 8. I know that most of you will be dismayed to hear that I turned Sports Center on, but darlings, that's the way it is. To my mind, it's some of the best background noise there is, and the local news doesn't come on until 6.

I was going to spend Sunday getting some work done to make up for the days I'd missed tending to my flu-ridden boy (All you mommies and daddies out there, those days when your toddler won't release his steely grip from your leg? We still have those at 12.), but instead I sat on the sofa staring at Property Virgins and House Hunters. I kept trying to watch Bethenney Ever After, but Callum insisted on coming back into the house every ten minutes. So I watched tv and main-lined tea with honey. Yay me.

See? I told you you wouldn't want to read about my weekend. Neel replaced a section of fence, got some seeds started (The photo of which disappeared from my camera roll, but I gave you sleeping doggies.) and helped our neighbor get back in her house after she locked herself out with her daughter still in her crib. I did not do nearly as much. I blogged from my lap, I surrendered the supervision of Callum doing his make-up work (thanks, Neel!), but before I got sick I did make Callum chicken soup using my very own homemade chicken broth. AND garnished it with my parsley. Too bad he didn't have much of an appetite.

I was thisclose to deciding to boycott the finale of Top Chef, but fortunately I won't have to do that. I won't say anymore. And I shamelessly used my extreme illness to make Callum and Neel watch the Oscar pre-show with me (See? I am a girl!). Any thoughts?

But by far the nicest thing that happened to me was when Will of Bright.Bazaar linked to my blog in this lovely post. He has an awesome design blog, and I'm beyond flattered. Blush. You should go check it out. What else is going on? Oh! Wait! Quick question...I'm finally going to post our day-in-the-life later this week. Words and photos or just photos?