five things, february 17th edition


1. I think that I'm so grateful that I had an opportunity to speak to the Advanced Photography class at my old stomping grounds yesterday. I told them that I should have been brought into the Intro class, but they were stuck with me! It was a fascinating process for me, detailing my journey as a photographer in a PowerPoint. Rewarding too. One thing on my list of ultimate goals is to be in a place where I can teach or lead workshops, either about writing or photography, and it felt really, really good to do this simple talk. Like I was taking even the barest of steps toward that goal. I spent a stint as a childbirth educator many, many years ago, and I miss teaching adults. Who knew! Thanks so much to my very first photography teacher, Jackie, for the opportunity.

2. I think that getting the end around on this cold business (meaning, my second in as many weeks) is pretty miserably unfair. I feel worse this go around and Callum isn't home to watch Emergency! with me. Boo.

3. I think that I can't believe that Callum is going to his first dance tonight! I'll post a picture for you on Monday!

4. I think I love our fireside suppers. This winter has been so warm that it's been a rare treat, but we should do it more. Last night's meal was a simple sausage and bean stew that can be easily and quickly thrown together. We have it nearly every week, but yesterday Callum asked for it, saying, "It's been SO long since I've had it!"

5. I think for our Saturday supper, Callum and I are going to cook together. A recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks for cooking with kids. Details to follow!