five things, february 10th edition

0212_prize winner1.jpg

1. I think I have felt SO surrounded by love this week. I honeslty think I've lost track of how many Liebster Bolg Awards I've won. I'm not trying to sound braggy, I promise. I've had one of those head down kinds of weeks, not in a bad way, just busy. But I've felt the love out there, I promise. First, I want to thank (and perhaps send you to) the people who were kind enough to think of me. Tina of Colour Living, Catherine of Paper Peony and Jenni of Jarfly Designs. Not to mention the wonderful Chi, who wrote about so many of us so eloquently on her blog Carousel. And I can't forget Janine of Shambolic Living who nominated me for a 7X7 Award. I've been a bad blogging friend. I'm going to admit right up front that I haven't had the time to pay much attention to what these awards entail, but by my count am I now supposed to introduce you to 27 blogs? YIPES! I'll point you in the direction of one or two, I promise.

2. I think the best part of my week was playing basketball with Callum in the kitchen on Thursday night.

3. I think I never knew that my posts this week would generate such a response! The playstructure (sniff) and the runner. I do owe Erin the thank-you for the hem tape. It worked much better on the burlap than sewing would have, I think. I've already spilled on it. I'm trying to be zen. Life is going to be full of spills, especially when there's food involved. I like my dining room so much better now that you guys like it too! And our table is from one of my favorite stores ever. It's rosewood, from India. The table, not the store. Whenever we move to someplace new, and it's been a loooooong time since we've done that, we try to purchase something that we'll keep forever that will remind us of where we lived or who we knew. That table is from our time in San Diego (not India!). Teri @ Beach City Life Style and Theresa @ inspirationCooperative, you're not that far away from it! It's called Cokas Diko and is in Del Mar (well, Solana Beach), actually (although they have a shop in Santa Rosa too.). Just writing about it makes me homesick. Anyway, we bought our condo from Ana and David, two of the owners, and they've always taken such good care of us. We have several things from there, and each one makes me think of them and our time there. Trying not to get too, too sad. But there you are. Our table. Ana has killer taste. Go check them out. We have dinner at this table nearly every night (I'm not going to deny a dinner-in-front-of the TV here and there!), and I was so excited to read Noreen's post on beauty of everyday life about getting boys to read. Reading dinners! What a great idea. Callum is already a pretty good reader, but he has so much homework this year that I can see it slipping a bit. Why not bring a book to the table?

4. I think that the little gift you see pictured here is tangible proof of what a wondeful community we have. Tori from One Eleven Studio made them, and I won them for a suggestion for a new blog series she's working on. Aren't they beautiful? What a bright shining light in my week. (And I think I own Annie of insideolgy a house tour, but since she's been skiing all week, she'll have to wait.) It's a great and meaningful group these writers, creaters and wonderful women. This list is by no means exhaustive, but I think you should go check out some of the wonderful people I love popping in on everyday. Emily from Peck Life, Heather from It's So Suburban, Heather from Home again Jog and Holly. I need to stop, but it's hard. I love you all.

5. I think that there might be a bonus post this weekend. Not to get you to keep checking and all, but I have to finish my Project 52, and I just didn't have time this week. (But are you following Leah from sang the bird on Istagram? She says she needs a new camera, but she sure is rocking what she's got!) It's something I'm really excited about, so you may just see two Project 52 posts next week. We'll see. Happy Weekend, peeps. Love you, my ducks.