weekend-gram recap, december 3 edition

Weekend-Gram Recap 12-3 copy.jpg

1. Sunrise | 2. Extra Boost | 3. New House | 4. Tree tradition | 5. My bud | 6. Eight years old | 7. Dinner | 8. Snuggles | 9. Advent | 10. Garden time | 11. Camellia | 12. Sunset | 13. Beer-steamed mussels | 14. Star on top | 15. Movie night | 16. - 18. Jingle pups | 19. Find the plane | 20. Warm weather | 21. Weekend reading | 22. Wall art | 23. Decorations | 24. Nurse Violet | 25. White(ish) tree | 26. Football Sunday | 27. Oh Christmas Tree

I'm late this morning, and quite frankly, the weekend was a bit of a blur. And not in a good way. I've missed my hike three weeks in a row now, and I'm not liking that one bit. This week, however, my friend Tracy's need was more critical. She's just bought a new house (love), and I met her there to scope out the place and figure out where the heck to put all her stuff. It might be one of my all time favorite things to do. I get why all of you guys become interior designers! I really do! We figured out where to put the sofa in the living room and where to put the bed in her son's room, and I promised her that it wasn't really as small as she feared that it was. I'm in love with it and can't wait to see all her stuff moved in. Perhaps my camera and I will go and visit. What do you think?

We got our tree Friday night, which has to be my all-time favorite holiday tradition. (Sadly, a headache came along with me. It left for a little while on Saturday but was back Sunday morning, and that is why we're all moving so slowly around here.) Callum picked last year's tree and he wanted to match his great success (I insisted that it was our best tree ever, and they insisted that I say that every year. I get made fun of a lot around here.), but I think this year's pick was a joint effort. We've been to the same spot for years now and each years have the nicest guys helping us out. This year was no exception. For dinner we needed burgers and fries, so we hit a local joint. Unfortunately, the only spot for us was in the bar, complete with loud music and smoke. Took a night in the dryer and all day outside to get the smell out of our coats. Didn't really help my head either. I came home and promptly fell asleep. Goodnight Friday.

Good morning Saturday and hello dreaded Advent Calendar. I kid! I kid! We LOVE the advent calendar. Callum LOVES the advent calendar. It's...great. Warm lazy day. We righted the house (and Neel righted the yard) after our week away, and we got the tree pulled inside. Everyone is still completely wiped out, so we seem to be doing things in stages. We got the tree in the house and the star on top, but that was about it. After that dinner and a movie. We beer-steamed our mussels and they were fab, and Elf. Well, what's not to love about Elf? I've told you before that I'm always behind on everything, and it was the same with Elf, but once we saw it, it became one of our favorite Christmas movies. As we all sat in the dark (Lucy-the-beagle tucked on my lap like a baby) laughing our dang fool heads off, well, I was filled with contentment. It was nice.

I was meant to spend Sunday at MOCA, helping out with Photos with Frosty, but another headache meant I was stuck at home again. Neel even had to drive me to the grocery store! Still, I followed my mom's motto of never hurry; never rest and we got the tree decorated and finally, finally some art (that's been waiting for, literally ages) hung on our dining room wall. Finally. Quite possibly the best part of decorating the tree was giving each of the girls her own jingle bell. They didn't last twenty minutes last year, but all three girls are jingling all the way this year! And poor Thea. She's so low to the ground that her bell drags along as she walks! Headache = dismal, so I gave in after lunch and fell asleep on the sofa. Nurse Lucy curled up against my belly and Nurse Violet fell asleep on my hip. I was bookended by puppies (who are technically not allowed on the sofa, but who's counting?). After awhile Neel joined me (he's a weekend napper, plus he's getting over a cold.), and we must have dozed there for hours. My sweet boy worked on his homework (I could hear the tap, tap of his fingers on the keyboard of the computer.) and he regularly got up to check on me or bring me water. Good kid.

And you know, despite the pain and general fog, I can't complain. This was a good weekend. We rested and ate good food (if you haven't tried Andrew Zimmern's One Pot Sticky Wings, you really should.). Our tree is up, and our pups are so happy we're home. I have lots on my to-do list this week, but it's fun stuff (mostly), so that's good. It's all good. And you know what? Today would have been my granddad's 103rd birthday. Crazytown! I am so lucky that I've known such amazing men in my life, Neel and my dad, and certainly my granddad. In raising Callum, I have a lot to live up to. He's in some pretty special company. It's all good.