five things, december 28 edition

Five things 12_28.jpg

1. I think it's been great. Christmas was wonderful and everyone was properly spoiled. Present opening went in two rounds, one with my mom on Christmas Eve and the rest with my dad on Christmas morning after my mom hit the road for home. I ended up with many things I'd mentioned here (cough cough) and many other wonderful goodies as well. Callum's Christmas dream came true with a phone. AACK. We finally pulled the trigger. I think he thought it wasn't going to happen. After we'd opened all the gifts, Neel called Cal's phone which we'd tucked into the bottom of his stocking. Happiness abounds. And even with that, we all agree that Neel hit the motherlode of gifts. A leafblower, a composter... When I ordered the composter, I had it delivered to a friend's house since the box was so big. Our friend Evans said to me, "Who the hell wants a composter for Christmas?" Hello? Have you met my husband?

2. I think one of my favorite parts of Christmas was a new tradition we started. After we opened presents, we bundled up (popping our Bloody Marys into Tervis Tumblers) and headed to the beach for a walk. I can't think of a better way to welcome Christmas day than a walk along the Atlantic. It was cold, but not terribly so. I hope we're onto the start of something good.

3. I think makeup shopping with my mom was great fun. I totally caved and got the Smashbox eyebrow pencil and face primer and love both (duh) (thanks for all the suggestions). But my mom's been using Dr. Hauschka cleanser and moisturizer. Have any of you guys tried this stuff? I am totally sold. I'm due up to replenish both cleanser and daytime moisturizer, and I nearly jumped the gun and went for Mario Badescu (which I also like a lot). It's Dr. Hauschka from here on out for me.

4. I think cooking with my dad is always great fun. Dinner this year was a crown roast of pork. We really quite outdid ourselves, if I do say so.

5. I think it didn't all get done this year, and that's okay. We spent a chunk of Christmas Eve at the Emergency Vet with Violet (because nothing says Merry Christmas like the ER, right?), and I never got gifts done for our neighbors (dough still chilling in the fridge). I didn't get all the cards out, and the house is still a wreck. But we spent a lot of amazing family time together. We cooked good food and ate good food. We watched some football and some movies and caught up on Top Chef. It's a season of excess, and I'm trying to pare down on the excess of guilt. Let's focus on an excess of love instead. How about that? Love you guys. Happy weekend.