five things, december 14 edition


1. I think it's pretty flipping awesome that Neel went to Skyfall last weekend and now he wants to throw out his entire wardrobe and dress like James Bond. Tom Ford suits here we come! If only we could afford Tom Ford suits!

2. I think I'm overwhelmed, but we're getting there. Last week, when chosing a gift for Callum, Neel said to me, "Can we do this later?" Uh, no. We have to do it now. Have you seen my to-do list? Then this week, my dad texts me and says, "A box from Amazon is coming today. Don't open it." Cal and I get home to a tower of boxes from Amazon. Oh, and a box from Anthropologie. Three mugs inside (teacher gifts) and no packing materials. NO PACKING MATERIALS. No wonder it rattled when I picked it up. Who ships ceramics with no packing materials? Yes, of course they're replacing it, but still. Who needs time to be replacing mugs for teacher gifts? Last year we did too much. By the time I got to the New Year, the festive season had nearly killed me. And then the winter of 2012 really, really nearly killed me. This year, I'm paying attention and taking it easier. Not trying to do something every weekend night. Paying attention to my body and my heart. Trying to make everything fun and delightful for all of my beloveds and trusting that in the end, it will be. My mom gets here next week (cookies!) and my dad shortly after. By then, Callum's exams will be done. My Christmas will be complete. We're getting there.

3. I think that if Santa were to put a really beautiful pepper grinder or immersion blender or a cast iron skillet in my stocking I would not mind at all. Those are some things I've been wanting for awhile now, but they are so hard to buy for myself.

4. I think, as we near the end of the year, that I've been focusing the tiniest corner of my mind on my goals and dreams for the upcoming year. Ha! Sounds way more lofty than I feel, but there you are. I would really, really like to push myself with some photography projects. A 365? Don't know if I'm up for it. Something thematic? Hmmm...any ideas? I'm open to suggestions, for sure. What would you like to see me take more pictures of next year? Oh! And speaking of which, if I have time next week, I'll need your help picking which photo to hang in our guest bathroom. 

5. I think I've been thinking a lot about light lately. So often the internet is a place of light for me. Dorky, I know. But I keep thinking about Maple and Liza and how grateful I am that we met. If I couldn't hand her my card with my email or I didn't have this space, I may never have seen her again or found her lovely book. I keep thinking about how I am able to stay connected to my far-away friends through the internet and to each of you as well. Each of you a light in my life. My Jewish friends are celebrating Hanukkah by lighting their menorah each night (I've always loved this tradition.). Every morning, when I come downstairs, the first thing I do is light our Christmas tree. It's my favorite thing to do this time of year, in the early, early morning, to make our living room awash with that soft golden light. We're lighting candles at dinner and turning lights on in the house and outside too. All as we move, each day, closer to the solstice, I'm reminded that in the dark mid-winter, we are all of us, no matter our tradition, craving light. I hope this weekend, and all the days to come, brings you lots of light.