five things, november 2nd edition

Race-1 copy.jpg

1. I think that while it was fun, I'm not so disappointed that we've likely seen our last cross country race. I say likely because I doubt that the junior varsity team will travel to the state championships (fingers crossed). We're proud of our boy for toughing in out in a sport that's not his strong suit. He's not a natural runner, and I don't think he loves it. And yet, even in those hard early days when practice made homework run late and nights run later there was much value, not just in the movement but also in the feeling of being on a team. I know that this experience has been a large part of his early success in middle school. He did say that he's looking forward to more time in the evenings, and really, we all are. I'm not sure if he'll run again next fall, and for several reasons I'm not sure what he'll do this winter. All of our eyes are on baseball in the spring.

2. I think I have a problem. After Sandy skirted us and brought our first really cool temperatures of the season, I traded out my spring and summer clothes for my fall and winter clothes. This much I know. I don't need anymore cords. Or brown. I could use some black boots, and some trousers, some tops/sweaters and some COLOR. Help.

3. I think I'm very excited to be making our plans for Thanksgiving this year. All I say now is that they involve some dear old friends and a ferry ride (which, for Neel, means dramamine!).

4.  I think I'm both thrilled and terrified that I'm going to Food Blog South. I know, I know, terrified is a strong word. I'm pretty shy, and the thought of heading to a conference of foodies when I already feel like a pretender is pretty flipping intimidating. But, the thought of attending a conference of foodies is pretty thrilling too. I'm hoping to learn a lot. Norfolk has a lot of great food stuff going on, and I think it'll be pretty cool to start writing about it and photographing it.

5. I think we're coming up on a much more uneventful weekend than last weekend! Neel and I are finally going out to dinner for our anniversary, and we're trying a restaurant we haven't been to before. Other than that I have some shopping to do, and I'm hoping to rope my friend Jean into keeping me company (Come on, Jean! Callum needs jammies!). I'm going to tell you a little secret: I'm different from most of the country. I don't mind the time change. We push our clocks back an hour this weekend, and that's fine by me. Feels like winter and I'm ready for winter. We'll cuddle up with dogs on our laps and blankies layered on. Fires in the fireplace. Wood smoke, chili, sweaters and red wine. I'm all over it.

Update: It was our last cross country race, and Cal got a great time. Especially given, after Sandy's visit made it more of a mud run!