five things, november 16

award ceremony.jpg

1. I think we're gearing up for another highly social weekend.And Thanksgiving next week? Well, that'll be pretty social too. Maybe I need to just wave the white flag of surrender until the end of the year. Callum has a sleepover tonight. We have dinner with friends tomorrow night (and this one I can't wait to tell you about), and then Sunday is a going-away party for our Aussie neighbors who are (sadly) heading back to their homeland. It's all good stuff, really good (except the saying good-bye part), but I feel mindful that it's a lot. Leah, I need to channel your calm. Send some my way, please.

2. I think I have mixed feelings about makeovers at make-up counters. If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen that I somehow found myself at the Laura Mercier counter at Nordstroms (ahem). I chatted with Theresa and Erin about this yesterday (on twitter, not, sadly, at the Nordstrom's make up counter). Make up counters can be tricky to navagate. Since we had an event that night (see #5), I let the gal at the counter go to town on me, and my feelings about the results were... mixed. The eyeshadow that I'd been scouting out was just what I was looking for, but her application? Heavy. For me at least. And then she pulled out the Dior brow pencil on me. Hmmmm. Do I need to spend $30 on a brow pencil? I didn't think so until I took off my make up that night. Now I'm not so sure. I'll take (less expensive, also awesome) recommendations.Erin suggested powder (?) and brushes (?). Hmmmm... Given that the pillows I'd just purchased for us were pretty much a bust, I'm feeling cautious.

3. I think I'm still undecided on those darn ankle boots.I don't wear leggings or skinny jeans really, and I'm short. Can I still get them? What do I wear them with besides skirts?

4. I think I'll (praise god, fingers still crossed) have an almost-finished bathroom remodel update for you soon! In the meantime, have you seen Nina's inspiration post for her bathroom reno? It makes me want to start all over! Wink, wink.

5. I think it was a pretty good week for us. Basking in Neel's reflected glory is not at all a problem for this family! On Wednesday he was honored with the Dean's Award for Achievement in Teaching in the Basic Sciences. It was one of several awards handed out at an annual reception hononring all of the faculty and staff at the medical school where Neel has made his career. It's a lovely event that has grown lovelier over the years. Last night's reception, Neel aside, was really nice. Personal and family like. Two women were honored for 40 years of service to the school... which was founded 39 years ago! Callum barreled through his homework so he could come along and see his dad get an award, and we sat with Neel's lab who gave him a standing ovation when he took the stage. For years now, I've given Neel a load of good-natured (I promise) grief for not mentioning me at his PhD thesis defense seminar. Last night he kindly honored both me and Callum for sticking with him through some tough and busy times. How could we not? And Wednesday night we got to see that his colleagues know about him what we've known all along. He's pretty special.