candle light {life}


All you ladies are far better candle ladies than I am. I used to be one, and then I had a kid and dogs, and life got away from me. I was a better candle lady in our apartments than in the houses we've owned together. In truth, this house is well suited to candles, and I should have brought them back out before now. Those Diptyque Candles look amazing, but I haven't been able to bring myself to pull the trigger on one yet. What are your favorite scents? I'd love to know. And do they last forever? Cause, really, they'd almost have to.

But who needs Diptyque when you have Votivo? A few weeks ago, I was in Simply Selma's to pick up some product to photograph for them, and I thought I'd try being a candle lady again. The closest I've come was a Williams Sonoma candle that sat on my kitchen island for (ahem) years. And I do still adore it, but it's time for something fresh. Votivo had two scents that intrigued me. Amberwood and Smoke on the Water. Of course I got both. Amberwood is in the kitchen. It's scent is a little heavier, a little sweeter maybe. It's used to cover up that bacon smell when we don't want the kitchen to smell like bacon any more (Like when the bacon is all gone.). Truth be told, I like Smoke on the Water a bit better, and that's what I'll get again. It's smoky in the best possible way. The hint of a distant fire. A make-you-want-to-cuddle-up kind of smell. We have it right as you come in the front door, and I'm hoping it'll make you forget that three dogs live here. And a teenager.

The sky is gray and it's been raining off and on all morning. The wind is swirling and the temperature is starting to drop. I think I'll go light them now.