update {life}


Where were we?

Mark chastised me this week that my bathroom reno wasn't progressing quickly enough. Or I wasn't blogging enough about it. One of those. I forget. Anyway. We're at the midpoint, or perhaps at bit past that, so let me catch you up.

shower tile.jpg

When I last reported on the renovation, Neel was happily tackling the demolotion of the tile walls and carefully chipping away at the tile on the bath. Because we'd earlier removed sliding doors from the shower, we needed to retile the area where the doors used to meet the wall. Neel carefully pulled tile from the walls to knit into those surrounding the bath, but then something happened.

tile mishap.jpg

No matchy.

That was frustrating. So all the tile from the shower came down.

tile fix.jpg

And went back up again. It's much better now.


This was a big day too. :)

butch does tile.jpg

I've chatted about the floors, and for sure they were a big change. Before they went in though, the radiator went out; I think I had mentioned that it had never worked. My friend Stephanie asked me on Facebook if we'd given up on radiant heat, and for this bathroom, sadly we have. For a few reasons. For one, the new floor is going in on top of the old floor, which would make radiant heat tricky. Also, this is our guest bathroom. Even Callum tends to shower in our master bath. We just didn't want to put a ton of investment here. After two recommendations, we opted instead for a small wall heater, which will blow warm air on your chilly damp calves right as you step out of the shower. The room is small enough that I think it'll heat up nicely. And anything will heat up better than say, no heat, right?

I'm beyond pleased with the floors; already it's so much brighter and lighter in there. And we're getting baseboards in now too, so things are starting to come together. Last weekend we purchased the vanity and the toilet and all the attendant faucets. Paint too. All that's left for the guys to do is to skimcoat and dry wall the walls and Neel and I will paint before we get the rest of the stuff installed. Past halfway, for sure. I can definitely see the home stretch.

And then it's on to Number 2. (Take that any way you will... )