sandy {still + life}


We're here. We're fine. I almost hesitate to tell our story, given that it's so average compared to the untold destruction others are facing in the days and weeks ahead. Truth is, we're used to storms like these. It started raining on Saturday afternoon, and the lights flickered throughout Sunday and Monday. Callum and Neel didn't have school/work on Monday (but poor Neel worked through the day anyway). By far our highest winds came Monday afternoon and evening. And honestly, it's a miracle that the power didn't go out. As you can see, our neighborhood flooded. It always floods. Norfolk is essentially below sea level, and as I've mentioned before, we're rather prone to flooding. At various times the bridges and tunnels would close and reopen. Ferry service would suspend and reopen. We lit a fire and the dogs spent the day on my lap. It wasn't bad.

Midday Monday we went out and took these photos. Neel drove the car and Cal showed us how far not to go. I didn't want to risk the camera! We got off easy. Squarespace, the platform on which this blog is hosted, is flooded in NYC, and is going offline this morning. Not sure what that means for the blog in the next few days, but it might be a bit before you see me again. If you're inclined to offer support to the millions in need, here are some options for you: Red Cross and Portlight