five things, october 26 edition


1. I think I am ridiculously proud of my husband and my son this week. We had Callum's first-term conferences yesterday, and suffice it to say, they went really well. Neel too, has had some good news this week, which I will reveal in the fullness of time, but basically I look like a complete loser next to these two. I couldn't be happier.

2. I think I've had another good week and done some things of which I'm pretty proud. I'll have some studio stuff to show you soon, but in the meantime, isn't this picture of my friend Catherine beautiful? She and I had a blogging brain storm session, and as soon as she showed up in that gorgeous turquoise top, I knew I had to photograph her holding a pomegranate!

3. I think getting out with my girlfriends is turning into a weekly thing. I like it. More, still? Yes please.

4. I think we've been watching the weather a lot around here. I imagine all of my east coast friends are as well. I'm stocking up on groceries today (finally getting into my Friday grocery store rhythm!) and we're pretty well stocked otherwise. May double check water and batteries and I'm sure Neel will pull the cars deep into the driveway. I'm a total weather junkie, and I've been watching this storm since earlier this week. Neel (after years of this) has finally learned to trust me about these things, but Sandy is baffling everyone. We'll know more today. Tropical Strom watches and warnings are expected any time now.

5. I think I can't believe that Neel and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Seventeen! And who knew that "generator" was the traditional 17th anniversary present. How romantic! We had plans for Saturday night already, so we're planning on celebrating next weekend. Nothing fancy this year. Because really every day is a celebration. Corny, I know, but there you are. So, in summation, we'll be hunkering down for our anniversary. How will you be celebrating?