five things, october 12 edition


1. I think I had the most amazing day yesterday. I can't wait to share with you the photos I took at my friend Jackie's as she baked and baked and baked the most amazing bread. Can you guess just how awesome her house smelled? It was pretty nice. And while I was there, I got a couple messages from the universe that I was on the right path with this whole photography business. That was pretty nice too. Moral of the story? Follow your heart and listen when the universe speaks. If you do, the universe will reward you.

2. I think, speaking of messages from the universe, something's up. Our dryer is broken. Our toaster died (and with some bread-loaf bounty coming home with me yesterday, you can bet I bought a new one pretty sharpish). My phone is on it's last legs. Our master bath is leaking, making the guest bath a race against time. Our mattress, most definitely not old age, is killing my hips. What's the thread?

3. I think we all did better this week playing offense, not defense. I could still manage some more structure to my days, I think, but now that we're done with the second week of October, it feels like we've settled into a nice routine. I probably shouldn't have said that. ;)

4. I think I'm really looking forward to the weekend this weekend. Neel thinks he'll be done with his grant (fingers crossed!), and after Callum's Saturday morning cross country meet, we have some fun errands to run and work to do on the studio. We're hoping for dinner with some friends, and some relaxing family time. It's going to be gorgeous. I can't wait.

5. I think I love fall. I always have to remind myself that our trees turn much later here than the rest of the world. Like, November later. But this week has brought cool temperatures and fireplace nights. Just the thing to get me in the mood. Every time I long to move back to California, I think about how much the shift into this season energizes and refreshes me. Life is good.