looking back {life}


Back in November I joined an online photography forum called Clickin Moms. I can't tell you what a terrific decision this was for me. Clickin Moms is an amazing group of women (both professional and hobbyist photographers) with a wealth of knowledge who have come together to form a warm and welcoming community dedicated to photography. Clickin Moms offers workshops, creative challenges, a blog, breakout sessions and amazingly informative forums...I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of everything that's out there. I've had questions about camera upgrades that have been answered in great detail. I've had questions about camera bags that pointed me to bags I didn't even know existed! I've definitely gained some gear-envy, but the camera comes first. I've seen some amazing work. Next week, I'll be starting their Shooting 101 workshop as a study-along, and I'm really excited about it. Even though I've been shooting in Manual for awhile, it doesn't completely feel intuitive to me, and I think this course might fill in some gaps.

Anyhoo. Along with the group, one member  posted a challenge of sorts with a prize being a full participation in that class. Woo-hoo! The contest? Post your favorite eleven photos of your kids (or pets!) throughout the year. An Eleven for Eleven. Harder than you think. I don't tend to look back, but this was more fun than I expected. And since I took a few photography classes this year, I had some good photos to choose from. Here they are.


One thing I appreciate so much about my son is how willing he is to let me take his picture. This one is part of a series taken over lunchtime at one of our favorite spots.


Hurricane Irene. Callum out in the thick of it. Of course.


Making the switch from lacrosse to baseball was a revelation. A challenge. On his second game he hit a double and drove in the game-winning run. Afterwards, his coach gave him the game ball. The he ran the bases one more time.


Then we went out to lunch.


I can see how much he is maturing in these photos from Thanksgiving. It can be a bitter pill to swallow, watching my baby grow up. Neel is good at reminding me: he's a wonderful kid and he's going to be a wonderful young man.


He's still our kid, though.


And finally, this most recent and one of my all-time favorites. This boy is happiest when he's with his pups. His pups are happiest too.

So there you have it. A quasi-year-in-review. I have a lot of plans for photography this year. Looking at a Project 52 and some other ideas. I'll keep you posted. It'll be interesting to be back in this space next year at this time and see what changes have ensued.