five things, january 27 edition


1. I think that sometimes no matter how hard you try, catching colds are inevitable. Although I can't remeber the last time the three of us were all sick at the same time.

2. I think you should check out this post by my nearly neighbor Carrie. Some of you know about my (not-so-secret) desire to go to Haiti and spend time in an orphanage there. Carrie's sister did just that and has some great stories and photos to share.

3. I think, even though we're only four weeks in, I'm still kicking it on that side-dish thing. I'm making an effort. This photo is from Wednesday night, when we had roasted fennel and artichoke courtesy February's Martha Stewart Living. It was super simple and all sorts of awesomeness. Thank you Martha.

4. I think last night doesn't count though. Sick nights get a pass on side dishes, right?

5. I think I can't thank you enough for all of your kind and thoughtful comments this week. I commented on Emily's blog that Callum always get's cranky before he gets sick. I wonder if that's what happened to me?! First, I want to say how much getting comments here means to me. When I was (a-hem) e-mailing Squarspace about my frustration this week I talked about how commenting builds community, and that feels so true for me. When I get the ping in my email that I've received a comment from one of you, it leaves me almost breathless! Really! It's a total Sally Field moment, each and every time. So to my regular commenters, you are the bread to my butter, my daily inspiration. And to all of you readers who sit quietly in the shadows, I love each and every one of you too. I can feel you out there, lifting me up. (Except maybe Mark.) But on a side note, don't be afraid! Come on it! We don't bite! And second, I'm listening to what some of you have said about some things you'd like to see. A house tour? Sure thing! Some more photography stuff? Well, I bored you to tears yesterday, didn't I?! I have a tart and some curtains to show you. I still have restaurants and jewelry. So much to share. It's nice to have friends to talk with, isn't it? Have a good weekend everyone!