we went for a walk {life}

0112_evening walk4.jpg

There really hasn't been any sort of winter to speak of. I posted a comment on someone's blog yesterday that I should stop railing against this fact and embrace the warmth. On the drive home from school, I asked Callum if he wanted to go on a walk with me and my camera. He was lukewarm on the idea. He wanted to get going on his homework. Luckily I have some walk-y neighbors.

0112_evening walk1.jpg

When Rebecca texted asking if some of us wanted to walk, I ditched Callum in a heartbeat. But not Big Daddy. As you can see from the first photo, I kept falling behind.

0112_evening walk2.jpg
0112_evening walk3.jpg

Noreen does such an amazing job of taking us along with her on her runs or her early morning rambles. I honestly don't know how she does it! I need to stop and pause and think too much.

0112_evening walk5.jpg

We really do live in a beautiful part of the world, and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much stunning water. I love the juxtaposition here of the swing (can you see it?) and the calm water of the river and the cranes of the International Terminals in the distance. This stretch of river is so soothing to me. When I get to missing mountains too much, I should come here for a recharge.

0112_evening walk6.jpg

I want to thank you all for your kind and sweet comments yesterday. Cath's right. I was having a pity party! And I look at her gorgeous blog, and think what?! You're having a pity party?! Come on! And Seamane's comment cracked me up. Duh. She's my editor, so you know she can boil anything down to essentials. Still, I think you can only generate momentum for so long before you hit a moment and think, wait, is this it? Am I on the right path here? It's been such a crazy start to the year, and I feel pulled in so many directions with no real routine or rhythm. That's changing though, and I'm getting a routine down a bit better. I always feel better when I've got a system to work within.

And you're right. Waaay back when we were in Blogging Your Way (That class really did change so much for me, can I get an "amen?!"), I realized that the blogs I love to read are the ones that take me inside the author's life. And of the design or photography or other blogs I love, my favorite moments are when the author surprises us with a sneak peek behind the scenes of the great photo or the awesome design choices and gives us a glimpse into their private world. I knew that before; I just needed reminding. So here I am. And you're stuck with me, I suppose. Sorry!

I am excited to speak with Jackie's photography class. (Even though I told her that this new class could never be as cool as we were.) I love introspective projects like that. But still, I ask you. If you were coming to hear me speak, is there anything specific you'd like me to answer? Anything about my photography journey or my process right now that you'd like to hear?

0112_evening walk7.jpg

Quiet night, calm water. Truly the golden hour. That gorgeous sunset sky boded well for a new day ahead. Callum's doing so much better. I got the nicest email from Squarespace about my blogging issues. Sometimes all that matters is that you know you've been heard, you know? I've started writing my to-do list the night before and after a few hours of work today, I'll spend some time taking pictures so you can see a Project 52 for tomorrow. I feel better, except I think I've caught Neel's cold (and it looks as if Joe Biden may have too, if you saw him on the State of the Union last night!). I have that loopy feeling that made me fuzzy-headed enough that when I went to grab a seltzer this morning I opened the dryer instead of the fridge! xoxo