monday mash up, january 23


Okay, so back when I spent time with people who knew about stuff like this they used to have explainations for times when technology COMPLETELY FAILED ME. Mercury's in retrograde? Something like that? I don't know. All I can tell you is Squarespace is freaking out on my comments, my phone stopped working (See that sweet "no service" message in the center photo? It's not talking about Callum.), and now Picnick is going away? What that monkey?! I don't do any editing there, but all my collages like the one you see here for example, are so freaking easy in Picnick. I'm irritated. And the phone? Don't even get me started.

We actually had a pretty nice weekend. Neel and I had a date night at one of my favorite restaurants on Friday night and Callum had another good basketball game on Saturday. They only had six kids show up for his team so he played all but about four minutes of a 40 minute game. No wonder he's dozing off in front of the playoffs. It was cold and drizzly all weekend so we did lots of snuggling and catching up on our mid-week DVRing. (Erin, I thought the mod dress was totally inappropriate and too goth for Miss Piggy and should have gone home. Just sayin'. And Austin Scarlett's bows were ri-don-culous.) Saturday night I snuck out to a friend's all-girl 40th birthday party. Get a load of her cake! A zombie-tennis-kermit cake. Not one you'd see everyday. Other than that I recharged with a lot of leisurly cooking (Callum made an omlette!) and studied my camera manual and Neel got sick. Winter had come.