Project 52:3 {life}


You can imagine how excited I was to learn that this week's theme in the Project 52 was food. New camera, one that's meant for portraiture and still life photography and one of my favorite subjects! Time to have some fun, people.


I grabbed these beets at the grocery store this weekend (On my gigantic weekly shop...I can't change on a dime, you know.). We have a nice produce section in our local supermarket, filled with lots of local and organic options. Ideally, I'd start shopping regularly from the Farmer's Market and the seafood get the picture. But these are habits I need to change. Still, I'm starting, when I see some pretty veggies or fruit, to grab it with the thought of taking it up to the studio. I knew that for this week's project, I wanted nothing clever (and believe me, there are lots of clever food photos showing up; I'll try to find the flickr feed to link for you) but instead, just a still life of some gorgeous food.


You'll note the different light. Some shots were taken in the morning. Some in the evening. Light is amazing isn't it? I'm trying to assimilate so many things right now. The skills that are being taught in my class, the complexities of a new camera. So many people in my class are having things "just click" for them right now. I'm not quite there yet. I'm trying to be paitent with myself and realize that I'm absorbing a lot of things at once. Just keep moving forward and those clicks will come. What I like about these pictures is the gorgeous color of the beets, and how I'm clearly learning to find and trust the light. The folds in the cloth they're resting on remind me that it's new, from our recent visit to Ikea. I like having that little hint to place this photo in the context of our lives.


Poor Neel ended up with a bit of a bust of a birthday evening last night. All of your comments and the birthday wishes he got on facebook meant so much to him! We had a great dinner, but I got a big-time headache (major temperature drop here), and our son was a big-time headache! Poor Callum. Oh Lordy. Being a (pre) teen is so, so hard. From his very first breath, this kid was intense. He's only getting more so. All fall I've been kicking around a blog post about how challenging parenting him is right now, and I haven't quite gotten there yet. It's still in there, waiting to be written.


Sometimes, when the meds don't kick it with my head, the only thing that soothes is a super-hot bath. Neel and Callum were mucking their way through some challenging math (rubbing salt in the wound!), so I took myself up to the tub. I'm not sure what happened, but something new upset Callum, and as I sat in the scalding water with my head on the edge of the tub as he cried and cried in the next room, I thought, quite simply, "I don't know what to do for him." And then, just an instant later I thought, I can feed him. That much I can do. I can feed his body and keep on loving him, much as he may push and rail against it.


Tonight we're attending something called Bowls for the Hungry at Callum's school, as part of their Great Depression studies. (If that's not ironic, I don't know what is!) We'll get a "meagre" meal and the proceeds from the evening will benefit a local food bank. I'll cook these beets for us on Friday, as part of a savory tart I've been wanting to try. With some corn chowder to go along side. I can't think of much more healing and restorative than a bowl of soup. Feeding and loving my family. That's what I can do.