monday mash up, january 16


Hi guys! Sorry I'm late! We went away for the weekend and got home late last night. This morning's been all about finishing homework and starting the laundry and hitting the grocery store (still one big shop for the week, alas) and settling back in. Catch up day. We had a great weekend with friends in Eastern PA. Kind of like Emily, we're trying just to go more. These guys used be neighbors, but in a Navy town, neighbors move a lot! They have sons that bookend Callum, one older and one younger, and getting those boys together is a delight. We rarely saw our boy all weekend until we were back in the car coming home. We took a little tour through Doylestown, we (briefly) hit Ikea, we saw the 8th grade basketball team come from behind to win in thrilling fashion. We were well fed. More on that later this week, I suspect. On the way home we stopped off to have lunch with Neel's aunt and uncle and I was given a delightful gift. More on that later too. The drive up to the Northeast corridor takes us up the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. It's a beautiful drive (On our way up, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was on a wind restriction, and the waves were high!), especially coming home as the sun was setting over the flattening farmland. And those geese in the center picture, just breathtaking. I've never seen so many geese. We're so lucky to live here. I need to remember that more.

I did play with Big Daddy. It's an adjustment, for sure. I shot in JPEG instead of RAW, and that freaked me out a little too. I haven't downloaded any of the pics yet, so we'll see. And thank you all so much for your support of Mark and Fred. It was them on CNN! That Mark, always so attention-grabby. Maybe not this week, but I'll likely write about those guys and how much they mean to me someday too.

So, how's everybody doing? What were you all up to this weekend? Are we going to make it through another week?