carrots {life}


I know, I know. Somewhat incongruous, right? I mean winter solstice is just around the corner after all. But I needed a festivity-breather. Just a pause from all the bling and bows and the crinkle of wrapping paper (or not-crinkle, depending on how much wrapping I haven't done).


My mom is here and we're having so much fun. It's been a long time. Not since we've had fun, but since she's been here. So yes, since we've had fun. Together. In the same place. We went shopping Monday (where I made some bad choices at the outlets that I will now have to drive an hour to return. After the holidays.) and yesterday we went to Sephora where I made some good choices like this in Truly Red (although Theresa has me thinking about Viva Glam by M.A.C. Can a gal have too many red lipsticks? We'd headed to the grocery store first (a lot of baking will be done here in the next few days), and I spied these carrots.


I couldn't resist them.


As soon as we picked Callum up from his half day (hooray! Christmas vacation!) and we cleared out the car, I grabbed a plate and cutting board and took my carrots up to the studio.


It felt like taking a breath.

I've actually spent a lot of time in the studio (such as it is) this weekend. I'll have lots of photos to show you in the coming days, I imagine. There was nice light up there yesterday afternoon. I didn't diffuse anything, since the rice-paper shade I have available to use to diffuse lends a golden light (okay at times, just not what I wanted for these guys). These are almost all backlit with a bounce from the front. I'm trying and trying to apply what I learned in Charleston (low ISO, low shutter speed, get out the freaking tripod, already!), and I still have so much to figure out about light. I'm coming to hate to viewfinder on my camera. Or at least not trust it. Maybe it's myself I don't trust. I'm getting there.


It felt good, though, just being up there. I enjoyed watching the play of sunshine in and out of the clouds and the shadows it created on my table and with the carrots. I liked the patience it forced me to have if the sun got too bright. Callum was outside playing basketball, oh sweet freedom, and my mom was downstairs working on the cookie dough. I could hear the washer going in the background, and the dogs were milling about my feet. It was my perfect idea of domestic tranquility. Just where I wanted to be.


Here's where the carrots ended up. Back in the mix of our food-life. Ready for a salad or somesuch. Things are gearing up in the best of ways. The whirl of gaiety. I can't wait.


But I'm glad I took a breath.