we gather {life}


For us, Thanksgiving has often been as much about spending time with friends as it has been with family. Once you step outside the circle of the three of us, our family is fairly far flung, making this holiday as much about the families you create as the ones you came to the table with.


This year we traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to spend the holiday with our dear friends Seamane and Rob.


Seamane and I go way back. Like elementary-school back. Here are Neel, Callum and Rob looking over our old high school year books. Har Har. Glad you guys got a chuckle out of that. Up until a couple of years ago, I hadn't seen Seamane since our early, early college days. At a cocktail party at their house Wednesday night, I chatted with a friend from Seamane's book club who shared with me an appreciation of the thing that brought me and Seamane back together. I'll go ahead and say it. Thank you, Facebook. Seamane's mom Kathy was there visiting too, and I haven't seen her since I graduated from high school! She hasn't aged a bit, and I'm sure I haven't either. Cough, cough.


Rob always smokes the turkey, and Callum (and Neel) wanted every part of that!


I made chestnut stuffing (which while delicious, is not terribly photogenic), and Seamane made sweet potatoes (with just a little butter) to go with the turkey. And there's Callum, both before and after trying brussel sprouts.


We sampled several Virginia Viogniers (a tradition for Seamane and Rob), the first from Pollak Vineyards. Oh how I envy Charlottesville and their vineyards! It was stunning. The perfect counterbalance to the smoky turkey.


And of course, the pie. Three kinds, for five people! Pumpkin, of course, and a pecan. Kathy and Callum were clearly kindred spirits, got a head start on the apple.


Sweet family. Sweet time. Sweet life.