five things, march 15 edition

1. I think whoever came up with the idea to have the Monday after Spring Break to be the same day as the first Monday of Daylight Savings needs a stern talking to. Who do I need to see?

2. I think I was absolutely riveted to all of this Pope stuff this week. It happened to me last time, eight years ago, too. I'm not Catholic, or even especially religious, but all the pomp and ritual is absolutely fascinating to me. I've loved learning about every little behind-the-scenes detail. And it's been so moving. How can you not be moved for all those people who wait so anxiously for word, in the rain, and then are so joyous?

3. I think I've had some wildly swinging reading interests in the last week. This book, which, well, no comment. Christine, if you want to know what I really thought about it, shoot me an email, 'kay? As an avid and ongoing reader of The Little House on the Prairie Books, I was thrilled when my friend Megan sent me Wendy McClure's The Wilder Life. I loved this book. It was like reading my biography. If only I were funnier. And since, (as Ruth guessed) twisting newspaper into tight wads to get our wet wood to light when the power was out during our stay on the mountain reminded me of The Long Winter, I'm full-force back into a Little House kick. Finished TLW last night, Little Town on the Prairie, here I come.

4. I think I'm in a bit of a funk. Undetermined cause, at the moment. My mom says funks can come right before a big creative push, but right now I just feel blah and blue and not really good at much. A hike with my friend Tracy this week helped immeasurably, and the notion of supper club on Sunday gives me something to look forward to. But right now? Right now I'm feeling just a little blue.

5. I think today's a day we've, but mostly Callum, been waiting on for quite awhile now. First baseball game of the season. When Callum started Little League (was it really only last year?) all he wanted was to someday play for his school. It was a long road of tryouts (nearly two weeks) and anxiety about cuts, but here we are. He made the team. He's been practicing hard, and each day it seems he comes home with some new piece of gear (please god, help me with the white pants). So if you can, think of me and Neel, sitting in the stands around 4 PM today, and if you will, think of #14 a little too.