take flight {life}

We had to keep the secret for weeks. Neel's dad called some time before our arrival in Atlanta to see if we'd be up for it. A biplane ride for Callum? Heck yes! But in case it rained or something else didn't work out, no one could say a word. Even as we pulled up to the airport, Cal thought we were headed to brunch. I think it took until he was actually climbing into the plane before he really started to believe it.

He was gone for half an hour, and it felt much shorter. Even to us on the ground, it felt short. Because we'd been to the game a couple nights earlier, they flew over the stadium and through downtown Atlanta. The plane itself was a 1936 replica but built in the 1980s. For those of you who asked if I was scared, I wasn't. I was mostly thrilled for him. I wish it could have lasted longer. Cal said he wasn't scared either (except for dropping Neel's phone, which he took up with him), but that it was a little weird being in the open cockpit. Practically the first thing he did when he landed was hold up Neel's phone so we'd know he hadn't dropped it.

He took some of his own pictures.

Now he wants flying lessons.