good vibrations {life}

One of the items on our summer list was to ride our bikes more, but we figured out right away that Cal's bike was too small for him.

I love our collective neighborhood bikes. Cal was gifted his first bike by our neighbors who gave it to him as a fifth birthday present. The younger boys in the 'hood are riding that bike now.

When it beacame clear that Cal's most recent bike was too small for him, he moved onto this retro dream. This bike is technically Neel's, but I'm not completely sure how it ended up in our shed. I'm pretty sure our neighbor Tyler gave it to us, but it doesn't really matter, because sharing bikes like this is how we roll around here.

We lowered the seat and oiled the chain. He gave them a wash and was ready to go.

He even offered to wash my bike too. My bike is at least fifteen years old. It was a cool beach cruiser before beach cruisers were cool. The whole time we lived in California I didn't ride it because it was too hilly for my gearless old friend. Flat Tidewater is perfect.

We're all ready to roll.